Julia Kristeva

Powers of horror


Oorspronkelijke titel: Pouvoirs de l'horreur. Essai sur l'abjection, 1980
Vertaling: Leon S. Roudiez, 1982
Uitgever: Columbia University Press
ISBN13: 978-0-231-05347-1ISBN: 9780231053471


Kristeva is one of the leading voices in contemporary French criticism, on a par with such names as Genette, Foucault, Greimas and others .... [Powers of Horror is] an excellent introduction to an aspect of contemporary French literature which has been allowed to become somewhat neglected in the current emphasis on para¬philosophical modes of discourse. The sections on Celine, for example, are indispensable reading for those interested in this writer and place him within a context that is both illuminating and of general interest. -Paul de Man





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