Julia Kristeva

Revolution in Poetic Language


Oorspronkelijke titel: La Révolution du langage poétique: l'avant-garde à la fin du XIXè siècle, 1974
Vertaling: Margaret Waller, 1984
Uitgever: Columbia University Press
ISBN13: 978-0-231-05643-4ISBN: 9780231056434


"Students and scholars of psychoanalysis, semiotics, linguistics, and feminist theory alike will rejoice to see Julia Kristeva's La Revolution du Jangage poeticue now finally appearing in English.. . A crucially important book." - Toril Moi, French Studies

"Kristeva takes us through an adventure in innovative reading whose daring and vigor have rarely been matched in the annals of modern criticism. " - Philip Lewis

"A lucid and creative consideration of the status and stakes of con¬temporary cultural criticism, it is essential reading for students of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries-and a monumental challenge to all of us." - Alice Jardine, Harvard University

Julia Kristeva is an internationally known psychoanalyst and critic, Professor of Linguistics at the Universite de Paris VII, and chief proponent of semanalyse, a term she coined to name the discipline that blends semiotics with psychoanalysis. Noted by the San Francisco Chronicle-Examiner as a woman whose writings demonstrate "her amazing command of history, politics, literature, linguistics, and psychology," Kristeva recently hosted a French television series and is the author of many highly respected books published by Columbia Un ivers ity Press intra nsl ation, most recently The Samurai and Strangers to Ourselves.





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