Julia Kristeva

Intimate Revolt:


Oorspronkelijke titel: L'avenir d'un révolte, 1998
Vertaling: Jeanine Herman, 2002
Uitgever: Columbia University Press


Bevat Intimate revolt en The future of revolt

A participant in the famous May '68 Paris student uprising, Julia Kristeva has long been fascinated by the concepts of rebellion and revolution. Pondering the future of rebellion, Kristeva maintains that the "new world order" is not conducive to revolt. "What can we revolt against if power is vacant and values corrupt?" she asks. Not only is political revolt mired in compromises between parties whose differences are less and less obvious, but an essential component of European culture-a culture of doubt and criticism-is losing its moral and aesthetic impact. In search of answers, I

"Kristeva ... follows up The Sense and Non-Sense of Revolt with this important, interdisciplinary tour de force." -Library Journal

"The reader will encounter in these pages the literary music of allusive, profound passages that uniquely characterize the expression of Kristeva's thoughts." -Choice

Julia Kristeva is an internationally known psychoanalyst and critic and is professor of linguistics at the University of Paris VII. She is the author of many highly regarded books published in translation by Columbia, including Melanie Klein, Hannah Arendt, Strangers to Ourselves, New Maladies of the Soul, Time and Sense, and The Sense and Non-Sense of Revolt.

Jeanine Herman is a translator who lives in New York City. Her previous translations include Kristeva's The Sense and Non-Sense of Revolt, as well as works by Pierre Clastres, Francoise Heritier. and Francis Ponge.





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