John Lechte

The Kristeva critical reader


Titel: The Kristeva critical reader, 2003
Uitgever: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN13: 978-0-7486-1659-6ISBN: 9780748616596

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This in-depth critical assessment of the work of French psychoanalyst and literary theorist, Julia Kristeva, brings together for the first time readings both classical and new. Kristeva's writing on literature and psychoanalysis, language and social issues, as well as her fiction, are all considered.

Each reading confronts questions raised by Kristeva's thought and contributes to giving an overview of her concerns. Chapters written especially for this volume take the reader into the most recent work of this most eminent thinker of the post-War era.

Essays address:
* Kristeva's writings in the 1960s and 1970s on the semiotic and on poetic language
* The implications for feminism, art, psychoanalysis and cultural difference of the works of the 1980s
* Kristeva's theory of revolt and the feminine genius in the writings of the 1990s

Both the non-specialist reader and the Kristeva scholar will find this to be an essential collection of criticism.





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