Armine Kotin Mortimer

The gentlest Law


Titel: The gentlest Law, 1989
Uitgever: Peter Lang
ISBN13: 978-0-8204-0944-3ISBN: 9780820409443


Rich in informative and provocative suggestions for interpreting all of Barthes's texts, this unique work proposes a comprehensive commentary on Barthes's briljant, programmatic book, The Pleasure of the Text. Fully explained intertexts illustrate the theory of intertextuality and clarify the book's most enigmatic and complex concepts. Also included are corrections of the serious errors in the English translation. The introduction assesses the importance of The Pleasure of the Text in Barthes's evolution and defines intertextuality and other key Barthesian notions such as ecriture; a bibliography and index complete this valuable and most unusual study. Students and professors alike will find it indispensible.
Armine Kotin Mortimer not only provides an indispensible guide to the study of Roland Barthes's writing and the way it plays with and against other texts; The Gentlest Law is also a fascinating exploration of intertextuality in its own right."
Jonathan Culler
Director, Society for the Humanities Cornell University

Armine Kotin Mortimer received her Ph.D. in French at Yale University in 1974. Currently Professor of French at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she has been active in the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory. She is the author of two books, including La clĂ´ture narrative, and numerous articles in scholarly journals on topics ranging across five centuries of French literature. She is particularly interested in narrative literature and writes in both French and English.

Het boek geeft een annotatie bij Het plezier van de tekst. Zie verder de op deze site opgenomen introductie van The Gentlest Law





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