Roland Barthes

A Very Fine Gift and Other Writings on Theory


Oorspronkelijke titel: bloemlezingen Barthes, 0
Vertaling: Chris Turner, 2015
Uitgever: Seagull Books
ISBN13: 978-0-85742-226-2ISBN: 9780857422262

selectie uit Oeuvres complètes 2002


The greater part of Barthes’s published writings have been available to a French audience since the publication in 2002 of the expanded version of his Oeuvres complètes [Complete Works], edited by Éric Marty. The present collection of essays, interviews, prefaces, book reviews and other occasional journalistic pieces, all drawn from that comprehensive source, attempts to give English-speaking readers access to the most significant previously untranslated material from the various stages of Barthes’s career. It is divided (not entirely scientifically) into five themed volumes entitled: Theory, Politics, Literary Criticism, Signs and Images (Art, Cinema, Photography), and Interviews.





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