Roland Barthes

Barthes: Selected Writings


Oorspronkelijke titel: bloemlezingen Barthes, 0
Vertaling: diverse vertalers, 1982
Uitgever: Fontana
ISBN13: 978-0-00-636645-4ISBN: 9780006366454


'Teacher, man of letters, moralist, philosopher of culture, connoisseur of strong ideas, protean autobiographer…of all the intellectual notables who have emerged since World War II in France, Roland Barthes is the one whose work I am most certain will endure,' writes Susan Sontag in her illuminating introduction to this representative selection of Barthes's work.

The writings, which range from his earliest essay (on Gide) to 'Deliberations', published just before his untimely death in 1980, also include key essays from his major collections as well as extracts from his longer works, Writing Degree Zero, On Racine, The Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes and A Lovers Discourse. Together they illustrate brilliantly the reason for Barthes's growing reputation as the leader of modern cultural and literary criticism


Writing Itself: On Roland Barthes by Susan Sontag


On Gide and His Journal 3
The World of Wrestling 18 (M)
from Writing Degree Zero 31
The World as Object 62 (EC I)
Baudelaire's Theater 74 (EC I)
The Face of Garbo 82 (M)
Striptease 85 (M)
The Lady of the Camellias 89 (M)
Myth Today 93 (M)
The Last Happy Writer 150 (EC I)
Buffet Finishes Off New York 158 (M)
Tacitus and the Funerary Baroque 162 (EC I)


from On Racine 169
Authors and Writers 185 (EC I)
The Photographic Message 194 (IMT)
The Imagination of the Sign 211 (EC I)
The Plates of the Encyclopedia 218 (EC II)
The Eiffel Tower 236 (M)
Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narratives 251 (IMT)
Flaubert and the Sentence 296 (EC II)
Lesson in Writing 305 (IMT)


The Third Meaning 317 (IMT)
Fourier 334 (from SFL)
Writers, Intellectuals, Teachers 378 (IMT)
from The Pleasure of the Text 404
from Roland Barthes 415
from A Lover's Discourse 426
Inaugural Lecture, College de France 457
Deliberation 479





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