Jean-Michel Rabaté

Writing the image of Roland Barthes


Titel: Writing the image of Roland Barthes, 1997
Uitgever: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN13: 978-0-8122-1596-0ISBN: 9780812215960


"An extensive volume of Barthes's work on film, photography, and visual culture has been overdue. Jean-Michel Rabate has chosen an apt moment to fill this gap."-Gabriele Schwab, University of California, Irvine

In the final stages of his career, Roland Barthes abandoned his long-standing suspicion of photographic representation to write Camera Lucida, at once an elegy to his dead mother and a treatise on photography. In Writing the Image After Roland Barthes, Jean-Michel Rabate and nineteen contributors examine the import of Barthes's shifting positions on photography and visual representation and the impact of his work on current developments in cultural studies and theories of the media and popular culture.

Marjorie Perloff confronts Barthes through a reading of Christian Boltanski's photo albums of the dead; Liliane Weissberg traces connections between Barthes's family photographs and the portrait of Freud found on an Austrian banknote.
Philippe Roger considers the Marxism of Barthes, Steven Ungar reveals the full extent to which Barthes experienced language visually, and Colin MacCabe uncovers the ways in which Andre Bazin's writings on the photographic image haunt the margins of Camera Lucida.
Among the other contributors are Derek Attridge, Victor Burgin, Antoine Compagnon, Pierre Force, Diana Knight, and Bob Perelman. Almost twenty years after his death, the authors reaffirm the centrality of Roland Barthes to contemporary critical and cultural theory.

" A valuable, exciting, and welcome addition to the commentary in English on Roland Barthes."-Michael Groden, University of Western Ontario
Jean-Michel Rabate is Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania
and author of numerous books, including, most recently, The Ghosts of Modernity [1996]





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