Annette Lavers

Roland Barthes, Structuralism and After


Titel: Roland Barthes, Structuralism and After, 1982
Uitgever: Methuen & Co
ISBN13: 978-0-416-72380-9ISBN: 9780416723809


Annette Lavers's Roland Barthes: Structuralism and After is one of that books that is distinguished by its rigour of argument, its grasp of Barthes as part of a highly complex set of intellectual movements in post-war France, and above all the clarity and detail of its exposition of Barthes's contributions to semiology, linguistics, and their related disciplines. A more recent work, which looks in rather more detail at Barthes's last decade of production (the 1970s), and raises a number of pertinent questions about Barthes's thoughts on politics, ideology, and culture, is the witty and incisive study Roland Barthes, by Michael Moriarty. These two books are probably the best attempts in English to grasp the complexities of Barthes's ideas, rethink and qualify them, and set them out in ways that make sense to the contemporary reader interested in deciding where Barthes stands within a certain tradition of literary theory and semiology. (Andrew Brown, 1989)





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